Our Process

Pristine Pools is committed to providing quality custom construction at an affordable price. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by under promising and over delivering.

Please review the construction phases layout on this page. It will give you a better understanding of what to expect during the design and construction process.

Phase 1


The initial design consultation typically takes between 30 minutes to one hour. We normally suggest meeting at your lot or home. The goal of the initial appointment is to determine what pool design, equipment, and options are best suited for you, your family and your property. We will take all necessary measurements, verify the accuracy of your survey and evaluate site drainage and elevations issues. Custom Design and attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors. We take the time to listen to you, analyze your needs, and customize a design that fits your lifestyle. This process ensures that every project built by Pristine Pools will be truly custom and an individual reflection of your tastes.


Once your final pool design is complete and all options have been considered, we will draft a contract encompassing the parameters of your project, your materials, equipment selections and your payment schedule.


We are licensed pool contractors and will handle all necessary permitting of your project. Typical permitting times vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the city involved, the time of year and the type of project.

HOA Review

HOA’s usually require a set of plans and an application prior to approving your project. Most HOA’s will send a letter of approval or rejection directly to you, the homeowner after reviewing your application. Please inform Pristine Pools when you receive your letter.

NOTICE: Some HOA’s meet only once a month, please stay informed of the meeting time and date so we can submit plans in a timely manner.


We use a wide variety of quality products on our projects and we will assist you with each and every selection. We recommend that materials be selected before construction begins to avoid unnecessary delays.


We will schedule an appointment with you to layout your project. Our construction team will paint your project on the ground to insure it is exactly where you want it to be prior to excavation.

Phase 2

The excavation of your pool usually starts within a day of receiving your permit, HOA approval, and site layout. In most cases the excavators will take between 2-5 days to finish excavating and forming your pool. We generally use backhoes, bobcats, and dump trucks to excavate the pool.
Steel Installation
Steel is delivered to the jobsite during the excavation process. The steel reinforcing bars are installed in the pool the day after the excavation is complete and usually are completed within one day.
Rough Plumbing
Rough plumbing is done immediately following steel installation. This process entails the installation of the main drains, skimmers, light niches, return lines, overflow line, auto-fill line, water feature suction and return lines, and pre-plumbing of spas. The plumber will also bond the pool prior to gunite.
Gunite Installation
Gunite crews install a pneumatically applied concrete/sand mixture. This is the shell or foundation from which your pool is constructed. Gunite for most pools can be shot in one day. After gunite installation, the pool will need to be watered down 3 times a day for several days.
Equipment Installation
During this phase, our plumbers will deliver and set your pool equipment at the agreed upon pad location. They will also then tie their pre-plumbing lines into the equipment.
The electrician follows the pool plumbers in order to ground your pool. A grounding wire tied into your pool’s rebar prevents electrical strikes from damaging your pool shell. The electrician also installs your electrical sub-feed panel and wires up your pumps, lights, controller, and heater.

Phase 3

Tile & Coping
Your tile and coping choices will be delivered to the job site and our masons will begin the installation. This is a critical part of construction because the tile and coping is what is exposed and will be seen. By using the very best and most accomplished installers, you can be assured of a beautiful pool.
Your decking material will be delivered to the job site and our masons will begin the installation. We will insure that you have the necessary drain lines and sleeves run in and under your decking. This process can take from several days to several weeks depending on your material selections.
Once your decking and masonry is complete, our masons will clean the jobsite and prepare the pool for plaster. The plaster crews will install your selected finish to the interior of the pool shell in one day and begin filling the pool with water the same day. Depending on your water pressure, the pool may fill somewhere between a half a day to two days. It is critical to allow the pool to fill continuously from the floor up.
Your pool startup may take anywhere from a few days up to a full week. During this time, we will charge your filter, balance your water chemistry, verify that all equipment is working, and remove finishing dust from the pools floor and walls. Some companies fill your pool and leave the rest to you. When you purchase a pool from Pristine Pools all you have to do is swim.
Customer Orientation
We will contact you and set a time for your pool orientation. We will walk you through every aspect of maintaining your pool, equipment, and chemistry.